Creating Marketing Objectives

A sampling of possible objectives for your Internet marketing include:

Increase sales
Increase profits
Sell products directly from site
Get people into retail stores
Broaden brand identity to new markets
Research your target market and/or competitors

What can E-Commerce offer your business?

It can help you track your shipping.
It can help you do your ordering from suppliers.
It can open up immediate communication with e-mail.
You can track your customers needs and wants as never before.
You can keep your doors open 24 hours a day.
You can sell goods and services online with immediate credit card or check verification.

Setting up a web site
to conduct direct sales is no light undertaking. It will take indepth planning to design a site that works with your current systems, is user friendly for the customer and ultimately makes money.

Call the InfoKwik™ team of professionals (816) 415-0776
for your FREE consultation.

Infokwik custom web sites include features that:

Differentiates your company from your competition and keeps your customers coming back for more.
Drives your customers from the home page to the order or contact page.
Uses basic psychological design and copywriting triggers that build familiarity, gain trust, and promote your company and product identity.
Includes all the elements that build credibility, and more importantly, doesn't include the factors that just plain irritate people.

Working with Infokwik Web Design & Marketing means you'll get a Website designed from scratch that reflects your company, your style, and your customers' preferences--never a cookie-cutter Website template. When it comes to the Website development process, we keep you informed each step of the way, ensuring your project stays on track. A protected client area provides access to mock layouts (comps), see a progress check list and view your site in a live testing environment.

"Your business image is to important
to leave to an amateur"

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