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• Professional SEO, so your web site is listed higher with the major search engines.

What is not in doubt in this pathway is a consumer’s starting point. In nearly 60% of all consumer journeys that end in purchase, the starting point is a search. – GroupM Research Paper, February 2011

* Believe it or not, this site is actually a responsive design! To see it in action, open this site on a desktop browser and slowly make the browser thinner and wider. You should see the layout magically adjust itself to more comfortably fit the new width of the browser, even if you make the page as skinny as the resolution of a mobile phone. In other words one site can fit all devices.

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Smaller sites lend themselves well to responsive design and marketing, they are not a cure all for larger sites and mobile marketing. A mobile site fits these needs better.

See Sample Site here

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And either gives you millions more of potential customers.


Search engine optimization is a major part to your success on the web.

You've built your site. You've tested it. You're ready for business.
So where are all the people?
You need to get the word out about your great site, but with limited resources and no advertising budget, you need some way to attract visitors.

What can you do?

If you open a brick and mortar store you would certainly put a sign up. You would let people know how they can find you by advertising. The internet also requires a way for you to be found. If you you have the necessary money for an Ad Words account this will help, if not there are other things you can do. Search Engine Optimization is a must. You should also list your website with local directories.


Try the No.1 way people find out about sites - Search Engines!

Surveys show that over 85% of internet users find new Web sites by using search engines.
Infokwik has developed over 300 web sites since 1997. Our 14 years of experience and on-going training is mandatory to give you the best web site success. We will methodically examine your web site and optimize it for best search engine ranking.

Utilizing “Web 3.0” approaches to increase leads, traffic, and sales, reach new markets, and grow share in existing markets. Prioritizing your online marketing initiatives for maximum impact.
Search engine optimization is a multi-step continual process. As long as search engines change rules and new Web sites come into existence, search engine optimization will be necessary. It's not cheating, it's helping search engines do their job more efficiently. Optimization takes a lot of time and patience (expect to wait at least three to six months before you see changes in some engines). It also requires a skilled knowledgeable person who spends a non-trivial amount of time staying up to date with what the search engines are doing. People often get discouraged in the process. Don't - search engine optimization pays for itself in increased revenue. It is worth the time and trouble.We only use ethical SEO methods.Our services only use ethical search engine optimization methods. They only use techniques that produce lasting results and that don't offend search engines. SEO Request Call - 816.415.0776

The proof is in the results

Unless your meta tags are correct for your web site you will not help the search engines find you or list you correctly. You may even block them from doing their jobs.

InfoKwik Web Design, Marketing and Hosting has been doing the meta tags correctly, along with the neccessary natural SEO to help the search engines list you right.

Some Of The Steps We Go Through When Creating Your
Search Engine Optimized Web Site:

1. Keyword Selection

2. Content

3. Images

4. Videos

5. Podcasts

6. Business Blogs

7. Facebook Business Site

8. Site Structure

9. Optimization

10. Internal Linking

11. Human Testing

12. Initial Submissions

13. Link Building

14. Monitoring

15. The InfoKwik SEO Extras

16. Correct Meta Tags

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My favorite SEO Mentors' websites. Why reinvent SEO when these experts' techniques are tried and proven?

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Professional Mobile Website Design

You need a “mobile friendly” website and you know you do. You’ve been reading everywhere that mobile marketing is booming and that 2012 is the year for mobile to finally take off. Now that 2013 is upon us and mobile phones outnumber computers 4 to 1, what should you be asking yourself, as you decide to launch your new mobile website?

The Benefits of the Mobile Web

Some of the more important benefits of the Mobile Web are:

It can enable access to information, any time and anywhere there is cell phone coverage.

There are many smart phone devices that provide you Android and BlackBerry applications free of charge to learn about internet marketing as well.

It provides vast connectivity. One-third of humankind currently has access to the Internet through a mobile device. This number is four times as many as the number of Internet-connected personal computers (PCs). By 2011, it’s expected that half of the planet’s population will have access to the Internet through a mobile device.

It enables services to take advantage of mobile device capabilities such as clicking on a phone number to call it or add it to the device address book. It can provide location-sensitive content. Location technologies can enable location-sensitive information be provided to a user.

Please Visit our mobile website example on your mobile phone or mobile device now at... infokwik.mobi

Call today for information and pricing for your mobile website.


Works with 99% of mobile devices.

InfoKwik Portfolio

The following are a selection from our portfolio of advertisers and web sites that demonstrate InfoKwik's customized design abilities and marketing strategies, such as audio, animations, e-commerce, downloadables files, and more:

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Carnival Times Kansas City is your interactive game and inflatable resource for private parties, company parties, community events, fairs, and fun functions.


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